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Soft Touch Health Solutions.

A whole body approach focused on the collaboration of nurture, care, and education.

Intimacy should bring pleasure, not pain.

Soft Touch Health Solutions - a program designed to reconnect women with their bodies.


     The Soft Touch Program is a whole body approach, focused on the collaboration of nurture, care, and education. Each patient is treated as an individual. Each person’s treatment plan is catered specifically to themselves. All concerns of the patient and their partner are addressed. It is set in a warm boutique environment where women can feel comfortable to discuss their sexuality and find treatment for Vaginismus.

Empathy & Care

The field of women’s health is a complex and ever evolving discipline. It is one that is shaped by the medical community’s focus on providing equally high quality care and nurturing to women of all ages, backgrounds, and religions. There is still a lot of work to be done. Many women continue to suffer with treatable conditions that are either misdiagnosed or treated with plans that fail to address the underlying cause. Far too often the results are further pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally.

The method and approach that I have developed to treat patients who suffer from Vaginismus stems from my personal experiences as a provider of specialized care. I have witnessed many specialists offering ineffective and even harmful treatment options with no other hope considered. With many successful program graduates – The SoftTouch Program gives women a rebirth of both body and soul.


  • Sexual Education

  •  Premarital Sexual Counseling

  •  Dyspareunia- Painful Intercourse

  •  Vaginismus-Inability to achieve vaginal penetration

Better Care Starts with You!


Miriam Sapeika is the best person to go to to help with your vaginismus. Completely non-judgmental and extremely caring and patient, she will help you (and your partner) on your road to complete recovery. Miriam Sapeika is professional, relatable, and cares about your success as much as you do- that’s not something you come across often! She will empower you to take control over your vaginismus until it’s a part of your past. Do yourself the biggest favor you can, and book an appointment.


A Successful Program Graduate 2017
Patient review anonymously posted


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