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Vaginismus Treatment

The Soft Touch Program utilizes various modalities during treatment. The first step in the treatment program is a careful determination as to the cause of your pelvic pain. Once all contributing factors are determined your individualized treatment plan is created.

The patient and their partner are counseled and educated individually and together regarding all aspects of treatment.

Treatment can include sexual education including understanding and visualizing your anatomy, meditation and breathing, relaxation methods, slow dilation using vaginal dilators, demonstration of appropriate lubrication techniques, anti-anxiety medication, and hormone modulation.

The Soft Touch Program will help you regain harmony and balance between you and your body.


Individualized Care for Intimacy

  • Sexual Education


  • Premarital Sexual Counseling


  • Dyspareunia Treatment

  • Vaginismus Treatment

  • Unconsummated Relationships Counseling

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