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 Vaginismus Symptoms:

Depending on the intensity, vaginismus symptoms range from minor burning sensations with tightness to total closure of the vaginal opening with impossible penetration.


  • “Something is wrong with my body – I think my vagina is just too small”


  • “I have never been able to insert a tampon”


  • “It feels like he’s hitting a brick wall”


  • “I can’t have a Pap Smear it hurts too badly”


  • “The thought of putting anything into my vagina is horrifying”


  • "Just thinking about sex makes my vagina burn"


  • “Will I ever be able to have children if I can't even have sex?"

Do any of these things sound familiar? Have you experienced any of the above scenarios?You are not alone - many women experience pain or discomfort with intercourse or any form of vaginal contact. You may even experience burning and pain when just thinking about engaging in vaginal stimulation. If you can answer yes to any of the above then you may be suffering from a Pelvic Pain Disorder.


Your condition is REAL and there is REAL treatment!

What are the Pelvic Pain Disorders?

Pelvic Pain Disorders


Painful Sexual Intercourse

  • The pain can happen anywhere on the cycle of sex. Initial penetration, during intercourse, or even after intercourse is over.


  • The pain is not just “something in your head”. It is not something you can just “turn off”. Many women have been told to “just relax”, “drink a glass of wine” or even “try harder”.


  • Many health care professionals do not know about these conditions and leave their patients who have come to them for help feeling despondent


Chronic Entrance Pain

  • Pain at the entrance to the vagina, on the labia, or clitoris. The pain is often described as stinging, burning, irritation, or rawness.


Chronic Entrance Pain (Inner Lips)

  • Pain, tenderness, redness at the vaginal entry, or to the ring of tissue surrounding the vaginal opening.


Pelvic Floor Tightening

The tightening or spasm of the pelvic floor thereby causing painful penetration or even the inability to have intercourse. A female condition in which intercourse is either very painful or impossible. Pelvic pain/penetration disorder that makes women unable to tolerate most forms of penetration, including tampons, digits, gynecological exams and intercourse.

  • Primary Vaginismus- a condition in women who have never had pain free intercourse or/and intercourse is impossible.


  • Secondary Vaginismus- women who initially had normal pain-free intercourse but a triggering event causes pain with penetration

What are the causes of pelvic pain disorders?

  • Hormonal Changes - birth control pills, menopause, child birth, breast feeding, menopause

  • Vaginal Infections.

  • Irritants - chemicals, soaps, hygiene

  • Psychosomatic - postpartum, sexual trauma, relationship difficulties

  • Cultural – strict sexual upbringing, strong religious upbringing, anxiety, history of STD’s, Inadequate lubrication, Anatomical issues

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