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Our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the care they receive. We take great pride in our patients and their courage to overcome their challenges.

I consider Miriam Sapeika to be my personal angel sent to me from G-D.  I found Miriam at the point where I had already lost all hope.


Having been to many PT’s, OBGYN’s and sex therapists no one could tell me what it was that was causing the horrid pain I was feeling and why I was still not able to consummate my marriage. I felt completely alone and hopeless as my marriage continued to fall apart.


Miriam turned my life around. She welcomed me with warm open arms and compassion in her heart. I felt understood and validated as she named what I had and offered me consolation in letting me know that many people suffer from Vaginismus and that I’m not alone.


With her gentle touch she helped me (at my own pace) get to where I am today.  And that is, being able to be together with my husband without any pain! I’ve come so far physically and emotionally.  I never thought I’d get to this point and I couldn’t have done it without Miriam’s constant love and support.


I will forever be grateful, because she truly saved me.


With Love, M & S♥️

I was experiencing many years of painful intercourse and I thought it was something I was going to have to live with forever.  I thought that it was just me.  I then came across a post that said "sex should not be painful" and I knew I had to reach out to Miriam to help me.  

Miriam is a caring, sensitive, professional that truly cares about each and every patient.  With her soft touch and sensitive demeanor she walked me through the steps I needed to take to make intercourse pain free.  She coached me and encouraged me throughout the whole process.  But the piece I will forever be grateful for is that sex is now pain free.

A Successful Program Graduate

Patient review anonymously posted

Miriam Sapeika is the best person to go to to help with your vaginismus. Completely non-judgmental and extremely caring and patient, she will help you (and your partner) on your road to complete recovery. Miriam Sapeika is professional, relatable, and cares about your success as much as you do- that’s not something you come across often! She will empower you to take control over your vaginismus until it’s a part of your past. Do yourself the biggest favor you can, and book an appointment.


A Successful Program Graduate
Patient review anonymously posted

I cannot thank Miriam enough. She changed my life. For years I struggled with pain during intercourse. I was never able to use a tampon. By the time Miriam came into my life my marriage was falling apart, I was falling apart. I was so depressed, I felt so helpless. I had seen numerous doctors all of which told me one or all of the following: relax, it’s all in your head, take a pain pill. Not one of them wanted to believe what I was telling them. Not one showed the compassion or empathy that Miriam did. Not only did she show me empathy and compassion she was so confident
this was a problem I should not be living with and she could help me.


I never once felt embarrassed or ashamed when I was with her. Within weeks my life was changed for the better. To think back on all of the heartache, stress, helplessness, loneliness, physical pain I had endured makes me so upset. There was no reason for it. It took a doctor who cares, a doctor who would listen to me, a doctor who knew how to help me, what I was struggling with was very real.

I cannot thank Miriam enough. She changed my life. With her help I have never felt more confident, secure and whole. My marriage has never been stronger. She is not just a doctor she is a friend.


Miriam is an amazing woman, I promise you if you just go meet with her she can help you. No woman should ever feel or go through what I had to for years. As a woman sex should be very enjoyable, never painful. You should be able to use a tampon without pain. The thought of those things shouldn’t scare you, it shouldn’t give you anxiety, it shouldn’t be something you shy away from.

Don’t live another day accepting that this is just the way it is. It doesn’t have to be. Don’t accept what other doctors have told you. Take control of your mind and body and make an appointment to see her. It was the best decision of my life. I thank god for her knowledge and friendship every day.

-Elizabeth Ann

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