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About The Founder

Miriam Sapeika


Miriam's empathetic and caring nature has made her highly sought-after as a care giver. After earning her Master's degree as a Physician Assistant from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ in 2003, she began her career in Radiation Oncology where her deeply kind nature earned her sensational patient reviews. Miriam witnessed the effects that radiation had on women undergoing treatment and the sexual pain that women experienced as a byproduct. Miriam spent many years in internal medicine where she repeatedly encountered women with sexual pain.

Miriam advanced her education in the field of women's sexual dysfunction after recognizing the field's limited scope and after meeting countless patients whose suffering had failed to be addressed. Through advanced certification and real-life practical application, Miriam has developed a warm, nurturing environment to treat and care for women's sexual dysfunctions.

Miriam is turned to by those who have been unsuccessful in their search for a cure - Miriam provides the solution. Her unique care is provided as part of Signature Health Solutions in Dayton, NJ with her collaborating physician, Dr. Teresa Schaer.

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